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I am truly honored that you are here.

I am an avid daydreamer who loves a good adventure and traveling, but proudly calls Nebraska home. Undoubtedly, I’m made to create and to pour love into others. Growing up, I would watch and learn from my father as he worked magic with his old 35mm Minolta film camera.  He is the inspiration behind what got me started in photography. After his passing in 2009, photography was what kept me connected to him, his legacy, and rooted me in my passions. 

My photography uses natural lighting and a healthy mix of candids and traditional poses to create the most genuine photos possible. I care more about being a friend to come alongside you and capture the raw, real emotions of your moment and I believe in the art of storytelling. I want to help illustrate your story, whether it's welcoming a new addition to your family, marrying the love of your life, or celebrating a milestone.

I care too much about what dogs think of me and gush about a cute dog friend. I enjoy a good stroll through a farmer's market and fresh cut flowers. My love language is coffee, tacos, and breakfast foods - admittedly I eat every meal like it's my last. I am multi-faceted in artistic talents sometimes tickling the ivories and plucking the ukulele - as well as dabbling in ceramics, painting, modern calligraphy, and ink sketches. 

If you're wild, carefree, love adventures, and want to capture sincere, timeless moments - let's talk! 



Likes: Bob Goff. the Office. brunch. personality tests. spontaneous trips. Bear Lake - Colorado. handwritten notes. messy hair. kombucha. cute dog videos.


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